2014 Summer Study Grant Winners

The Georgia Independent School Association in cooperation with the Fred H. Loveday Endowment Foundation announces the 2014 Loveday Summer Study Grants for Teachers. Teachers are to complete an application form that must be endorsed by the head of the school. You may mail, email or fax the application as long as all parts of the application are included and it is signed by the head of school. Please note that these applications MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE GISA OFFICE ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014 (no exceptions).

Requests for 2014 may not exceed $750. The total amount approved for grants this year is $4,500.

The following stipulations should be followed:

  1. The teacher must be returning to the school for the 2014-2015 school year.
  2. Information about the Loveday Grants should be made available to ALL faculty.
  3. The number of applications from a GISA member school is based on enrollment: 
    0 – 400 1 application
    401 – 800 2 applications
    801 – 1200 3 applications
    1201 – 1600 4 applications
    1600 & above 5 applications
  4. Teachers in the following schools received a grant for Summer Study in 2013, therefore these schools will not be eligible until 2015. 
    Deerfield-Windsor School John Milledge Academy
    First Presbyterian Day School Oak Mountain Academy
    Friends School of Atlanta Swift School
  5. Continuing education and professional development programs and courses are eligible and will be considered.  Courses or programs related to earning a degree are ineligible and will not be considered.


Following receipt of applications, members of the GISA Teacher Services Committee will review all requests. Based on the approved criteria, the value of the study, financial need, and endorsement of the school head, this Committee will select the recipients of the grants. The Committee will meet in late April. Recipients and school heads will be notified soon thereafter, and checks will be issued in early May.

We extended our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Loveday Foundation Board for their generous contribution to this Fund, and to the GISA Teacher Services Committee members for their time and expertise in the selection process.